Summit Area Y Seals

Swim Links

Below is a list of other related websites that may interest you.  There may be a slight pause to connect to each of the various websites.  Let your SSPO President know if there are any other websites that should also be included in this list..  ENJOY!

Swimming Times Converter
Swimming World Magazine has on their website a Long Course/Short Course times converter that is quite a bit closer to reality than the standard one in Team Manager.  So, if you want to see what your real Long Course conversions times are, try out this site.

National YMCA Swimming Committee
This is the website for the YMCA National candidates.  It has information about the upcoming year's qualifying times, hotels, last year's results, and the National Top 16 List.  It's a good site to visit to help you set your goals high!

NJ YMCA Swimming - This is the website for all NJ YMCA swimming information.

N.J. USA Swimming Inc.
This is the website of our LSC (Local Swimming Committee) with which the Summit Seals swim team is affiliated.  Great source of information related to USA Swimming in New Jersey.  The USA Time Standards, Records, Officials Information and much more is listed here.

USA Swimming
Great source of current events and information about the swimming world.

Swimming World Magazine
Interesting articles about the swimming world.  There is even a time conversion between yards and meters, as well as short course and long course times.

Harvard's Swimming Index Page
A SAY alumni  introduced us to their Swimming Index page.  It is a collection of other interesting links related to the swim world.

N.J. State Interscholastic Athletic Association
Great website about all high school sports in New Jersey.  Championship results and more!

The 10 Commandments for Swimming Parents
How to ensure that you, and your swimmer, have a fun and enriching swim experience.

Official USA Swimming list of approved competition swimsuits.
USA Swimming has updated their official policy for swimsuits permitted in competition, effective as of June 25, 2009.  If you have any specific questions regarding your swimmer's competition suit, please speak to one of the Summit Seals coaches.  Thank you.